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071719 Estate Tasting RoomOur neighbors, Kim and Andy Busch of Folded Hills Winery Farmstead Ranch, have just opened their estate wine tasting room next door. Like us, they are a family owned and operated small farm with a passion for healthy natural foods and healthy ecosystems. We think you'll like what they're doing, just as we do.

Open every day from 11:00 to 5:00, the Folded Hills Winery Ranch Farmstead is literally about 3 minutes from the driveway of Santa Barbara Blueberries, down Nojoqui Road (known to Google Maps as Old Coast Highway) The actual address is 2323 Old Coast Hwy, Gaviota CA 93117.

The Folded Hills Estate Tasting Room really is beautiful, and it has a very interesting history. It started out as a farmhouse where the original owners made their own wine in the basement of the home. There was a pre-Prohibition vineyard on the property, and the Busches are excited to be bringing the land back to its original use. Ask them about it!

Don't just think wines if you visit, definitely bring the kids and feed the animals when you're there. Nothing cuter than a rumbling cluster of baby pigs!

071719 FH Ribbon Cutting 350Kim and Andy want to personally welcome all Santa Barbara Blueberries customers and friends, so if you bring in a credit card or cash register receipt from Santa Barbara Blueberries, they'll have a special welcome gift for you. Now that's pretty dang neighborly!

Relax under some shade trees while you taste the award winning and organically grown Folded Hills wines, and learn about the local history and the history of the Busch family. Try the Lilly Rosé, named for Andy Busch’s great grandmother, Lilly Anheuser, and ask them about the 6 generations of strong women named Lilly in the family - right down to their 3 year old grand-daughter, Lilly - who is a champion blueberry picker!

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Where else on the Central Coast can pick your own naturally-grown berries, grab some organic fruits & veggies, flavor some award-winning shrubs & vinegars, visit and feed baby pigs, llamas and goats, snag some homemade organic baked goods and taste some of the best wines the Santa Ynez Valley has to offer- all within a one mile radius? 



Consider joining the Folded Hills Friends & Family email list, and be the first to know about new wine releases, upcoming events and more. 

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