Blueberry Vanilla Shrub


In short, a shrub is a flavored drinking vinegar.

In the days before refrigeration, keeping healthy during the long winter months was a challenge. Shrubs were invented in colonial America to preserve the nutrients and flavor of fresh fruit from harvest until the next growing season. Shrubs were also used on long ocean voyages as a source of vitamin C. Lost for centuries, shrubs have been making a comeback in the craft cocktail scene, although as bottled they are non-alcoholic. Try mixing it with club soda for a tasty fruit soda, or add some spirits for an evening drink. Drinking vinegars are perfect for any time of day.

The blueberry & vanilla shrub is dark-colored and lush. Its flavor is strong and complex - not at all what you might expect. You need to sample it! This wonderful fermented drink is packed with anti-oxidants and great for mixing on a summer afternoon or fall evening. As you sip, know that your pro-biotic laced libation is really good for you.

Simple Shrub Soda:

1 Part Blueberry & Vanilla Shrub
4 Parts club soda

Pour over ice and enjoy!

Berry Stormy:

1oz Blueberry & Vanilla Shrub
2oz Light Rum
2oz Ginger Beer
Garnish with a sprig of mint

Mix all ingredients together and serve in your favorite copper mug to cool down the hottest afternoons.


Blueberry Vanilla Shrub and mixed drink ideas courtesy of Charles T. Williams, Master Shrubber

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